Solar Energy Systems

3 Types of Solar Energy Systems

Choosing a solar electric power system for your home or business can feel like an overwhelming task, but the expert team at Centre Electric is here to make understanding your options easier. Solar electric power systems fall under three main types, including grid inter-tied systems, grid inter-tied with battery backup systems, and off-grid systems. Determining which type best fits your situation will depend on how closely connected to the traditional power grid you are or wish to be. Call Centre Electric today—we’d love to help you reduce your energy costs with a new solar electric power system!


Grid Inter-Tied

Grid inter-tied systems enable owners to access power from either the solar electric system or the traditional power grid. Switching back and forth is easy, plus excess power can be sold to the power company. Of the three, this type of system requires the least components and comes at the lowest cost.


Grid Inter-Tied with Battery Backup

This type of solar power system also connects to the traditional power grid, but comes with battery-backup in order to store excess energy. The system can draw from the grid or from the battery when needed, and extra electricity can be sold to the power company. Due to its complexity, this type of system costs more than the grid inter-tied system.



Off-grid solar power systems operate completely independent of the power grid, making batteries necessary to store excess power and for backup when production cannot meet demand. These systems typically add a generator.

Mounting and Racking

While it is possible to install your own solar energy panels, working with a trained and experienced contractor will ensure it is done correctly. Incorrect installation of racking or mounting equipment will have a major impact on how well your solar panels function and how long they last.

Pitched Roof Installation

The lowest priced and most commonly installed type of solar panels we offer are the pitched roof models. The fact that they are mounted on slanted roofs versus flat roofs makes installing them more difficult.

Flat Roof Installation

Flat-roof solar panels may be mounted level or tilted, depending on the needs of the system. Whether your roof is tar and gravel, concrete, membrane or something else, we have a mounting system to accommodate your panels, which can be installed without drilling holes that can damage your roof.

Ground Mount Installation

When installing solar panels on a roof isn’t practical, ground mount installation is possible where permitted. For ground mounting, panels are secured to a steel, wedge-shaped structure which is anchored to a concrete foundation

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