Residential Solar Systems

Solar Power For Your Home

Do you want to reduce your electricity bills – and potentially eliminate them altogether? Would you like to earn tax credits and rebates from the federal government? Do you feel a strong sense of stewardship toward the environment, and wish to do as much to reduce your carbon footprint as you’re able? Then solar panels represent the perfect investment in your home!

Centre Electric proudly installs, maintains and repairs photovoltaic systems at residential properties. When you engage our master electricians’ expertise for your solar panel needs, you can rest assured you’ll receive the absolute best the revolutionary technology has to offer.

The sun is yours for the taking. Trust your local electrical contractor and let the light power your home!

Ground-Mounted Solar Installations

If you have land, then you have all the space you need for solar panels. Centre Electric’s expert electricians are standing by to install low-maintenance and long-lasting solar panels in your yard, field, or any other patch of property you wish to dedicate to the generation of clean, reliable solar energy.

We’ve spent years researching solar panel technology, and we have the tools and experience we need to create outstanding value on your property. Every ground-mounted solar panel we install on behalf of eco-friendly and cost-conscious homeowners is optimally angled to ensure maximum exposure to the sun’s rays. That guarantees the best return on your investment in photovoltaic technology! And because our electricians share so many decades of experience between them, we always install solar panels quickly and with minimal intrusion to our client’s surrounding property.

Rooftop-Mounted Solar Installations

Would you rather place your home’s solar panels where they can’t obstruct your view? Rooftop solar panels are the perfect solution – but they aren’t just unobtrusive. They also absorb solar energy before it can heat up your home, and they even appreciably extend your roof’s lifespan!

Centre Electric provides high-quality rooftop solar panels throughout Minnesota. We always take care to preserve the value of our clients’ properties by installing solar panels that look attractive and never jeopardize the functionality of the rooftops they’re mounted to. And should your solar panels ever require repair or maintenance, our seasoned electricians are always available to deliver the ideal fix.

Save money. Harness the power of the sun by calling Centre Electric today!

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